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A month on the pig farm

I have been writing in the Wonderfull Sherborne Times for a year now, I found last years first
article and realised that lots has changed and lots hasn’t .
A year, as for any business of ups and downs, constant learning and constant hard work. We still
don’t own a tractor and that has always been an issue, never more so than in the wet winter
months, when loading pigs with the landrover and trailer becomes a battle against the ever
present mud !! That feeling in the pit of my stomach that we will get stuck, the elation when we
escape from the field unscathed.

A year ago we had about 130 pigs, today we are farming nearly 200. We now sell pigs every
week, have more customers and have participated in so many more events this year. As I write
our hog roaster is gently slow cooking a Tamworth pig for a wedding party tomorrow, it will cook
slowly all through the night, gently sizzling away, tomorrow morning we will be greeted by the
most amazing smell of a whole pig roasting.

Looking back to a year ago we were still basking in the after glow of our amazing dry summer, the
ground was still dry and we were awaiting the rains, well a year on and they have certainly arrived,
after 3 weeks of almost constant rain the ground is wet and slippery and giving us glimpses of the
months ahead.

We have finally finished moving all the pigs in to their new paddocks, two weeks ago they were
pristine, smooth and full of green, all that rain plus countless pigs digging through the softened
ground and its a very different story. We spent 3 weekends solid, fencing, moving the water
supply and then loading countless groups of naughty pigs and delivering them to their new areas,
theres something very satisfying about turning them in to a new paddock, its the small things in
life they say!! Thats lucky because the flash holidays and the euro millions lottery win are still
evading us here at The Story Pig. But life is good, we have each other, an amazing view to wake
up to every day, fresh air, no commute and 5 new kittens to coo over.

So many things don’t go to plan though, if we are all honest and not living through an Instagram
filter I guess thats the same for most business’s. We normally castrate all our male piglets at a
very early age to ensure a trouble free farm when they become teenagers as Charlotte calls them.
Well one slipped through the net and was a very naughty teenager when we weren’t looking !! And
now we are reaping what he sowed, 10 gilts farrowing who were not supposed to, this might
sound lovely but not really, a management nightmare, and an over supply of piglets, so a lesson
learned there, teenager pigs are naughty pigs!!

By the time this is printed and winging its way round Sherborne we may have flown away from the
EU…. I wonder, I will keep my thoughts to myself !!


This article was published in Sherborne Times November edition.